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Why we are the provider of choice among NRAS investors.

When you look at all the benefits of investing in properties under the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS), it is little wonder NRAS investments are an increasingly popular choice among investors. But why are the same savvy investors choosing to invest through Quantum? That's easy.


#1: We are an NRAS Approved Participant

We’ve been a National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) Approved Participant since 2010, and our directors have been involved with NRAS since its inception in 2007. Our trusted consortium model has enabled individual investors to participate in the Scheme with confidence.


#2: We specialise in NRAS

We specialise solely in managing the NRAS investment process for investors. That’s unusual. And important. It means our consortium model and systems have been designed specifically with investors in mind. NRAS is at the heart of our mission and our vision for Australia.


#3: We are highly qualified and experienced

We have 1200+ dwellings currently active under the Scheme, with approximately 600 more in various stages of planning. What’s more, our executive team comprises professionals from accounting, real estate development, project management and quality assurance, underpinning our NRAS capabilities with sound business and compliance management expertise.


#4: We have tried-and-tested systems

We have a 100 percent record of property portfolio Scheme compliance across seven full compliance cycles. Our robust governance and compliance systems adhere to industry best practice, which combine with our ATO and ASIC rulings to provide complete peace of mind for investors.


#5: We have a proven track record of success

From delivering the first NRAS dwellings in WA, to achieving one of the highest delivery rates for medium volume suppliers, we’re firmly established within the most successful NRAS Approved Participants in Australia. The Federal Government has approved us to deliver high quality, affordable housing product on time. You can too. Just check out our Project Showcase.


#6: We operate within NRAS across Australia

We provide investors with the opportunity to invest in NRAS properties from a portfolio of approved dwellings throughout Australia, supplied by members of a consortium of property developers through an ATO-confirmed Non Entity Joint Venture (NEJV) agreement.


#7: We’re continually improving our service

While our track record is the envy of our industry, we are always looking for ways to improve our business model, systems and services; not least to ensure we are always on top of changes in NRAS legislation or taxation law.


NRAS incentives and investments provide an attractive return compared with similar investment properties outside the Scheme. Our expertise ensures you’re able to make the most of those benefits. Find out more about our team, track record and NRAS.